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Fred Jinkins

Fred Jinkins - Houston Artist

Houston, TX


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Fun, joy and happiness are the main goal in my art. I like to paint happy pictures.
Designs, photographs and paintings are created with a pleasant, cheerful intent.
Your request will be taken with kindness and gentleness.
Fred Jinkins - Happy Old Artist

Thanks for visiting my Artist Website on Fine Art America.
Fred Jinkins is a Houston Artist.
He has been on the art scene in Houston since 1955. Fred has been an artist all of his life.
In 2015 Fred is celebrating his 60th year as a professional artist.
Fred paints in oil, watercolor and computer art.
He has done over 50 subjects in Wood Cut Prints.
Whenever anyone asks me what I like to paint I always tell them I like to paint happy pictures.
Fred is a Happy Old Artist.

When I was 12 I had the opportunity to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art in New York City. This was a very powerful influence on my life. I always liked making pictures. I also lived in many places while growing up. Galveston,Texas, Balboa, Panama Canal Zone, Key West, Florida, Washington, D.C., Fort Monroe, Virginia in the space of six years. In 1956 I was able to attend classes in art at the Museum of Fine Art Houston. I then studied with several artists at the Art League of Houston and attended many workshops, classes and life drawing sessions there. The people at the Art League of Houston were all very kind and helpful to me. They had many excellent teachers that I was able to study with.
I was able to study with other fine artists such as Chester Snowden. He was a nationally known artist and art instructor and a friend of Ima Hogg. I also studied with Dick Turner who was a very fine artist. Dick had a good reputation for his art. Artists came from all over the United States to study with Dick Turner.
Joseph Silhavy was another fine artist I studied with. He did beautiful paintings of horses and was an artist for the movie industry.
As my art skills improved I was able to sell my work at art shows and fairs.
Some of the shows I was in at art fairs were yearly at the Astrodome in Houston, The Columbus, Texas Art Fair, The County Fair at Rosenberg, Texas and the yearly Peggy Madden Art Festivals at Meyerland Plaza in Houston, In 1961 I met Margaret Dryer of Dryer Galleries and she graciously consented to show and sell some of my work. I took part in several shows at her gallery. Margaret Dryer was a well know artist and art teacher. She had a gallery on San Jacinto Street. Margaret sold some of my paintings.
In 1978 I opened my own art and photography studio and I did art and photography for several publications. In 1982 I did art and photography for the University of Texas Health Science Center Houston in the Media Production Center. I covered events such as The International Golf Tournament at the Woodlands for the Irish Tourist Board. These pictures were published around the world. My work was placed in the permanent collection of the Art Museum at the University of Southern California at Riverside.
In 1990 Yolanta Thompson invited me to have a one man show at Yol Art Gallery. I had 118 paintings in this show and over 100 people attended the opening. I sold a number of paintings. It was a good show. Yolanta and I became good friends and we remain friends to this day. I have shown my work in several of her shows. Her gallery and frame shop is located at 1904 West 18th Street, Houston, Texas 77008.
During over 50 years I have been an artist I have donated my time and my art to many good causes.
I donated paintings to neighborhood auctions to raise funds for various good causes to benefit our local parks.
One auction raised enough money to help the parks to fund their activities for over five years.
I taught Basic Computer Skills for Seniors as a volunteer at Bayland Park for several years.
I was a photographer for the Children’s Fourth of July Parade.

I did slide shows and talks with music and slides for the Alzheimer Day Care Center.

Prints can be purchased in several sizes and also can be framed, matted and glazed by Fine Art America.
There is a 30 day guarantee and if they are not satisfactory your money will be returned including shippping.

I still paint, in watercolor, oil and with the computer and I still take many photographs.
I have many good friends in the arts in Houston and also many of my customers have become my friends.
I invite you to visit my web page at
Hapyom means Happy Old Man. Fred Jinkins.

Fred has started a NEW GROUP on FINE ART AMERICA - It is called WE PAINT EVERY DAY. Check it out and join the fun.


Young Centaurs by Fred Jinkins


Mexican Food is Comfort Food by Fred Jinkins


Mountain Man by Fred Jinkins


Happy Old Artist by Fred Jinkins


Hillary Clinton President 2016 by Fred Jinkins


Happy Boy by Fred Jinkins


Girl at Murray Hollow by Fred Jinkins


Happy Dancing Fish by Fred Jinkins


Jolly Fellow by Fred Jinkins


Happy Highland Farm by Fred Jinkins


Happy Valley Farm by Fred Jinkins


Butterfly Watercolor by Fred Jinkins


Sauna at Murray Hollow by Fred Jinkins


Sailboat Happy Sailor by Fred Jinkins


Sky Diver Watercolor by Fred Jinkins


Sailboat Blue Ocean by Fred Jinkins


Hard Hat Oil Field by Fred Jinkins


Capt. Don by Fred Jinkins


Sailing Watercolor by Fred Jinkins


Sailing Grandma by Fred Jinkins


Young Davy by Fred Jinkins


The Little Sailboat by Fred Jinkins


Elements-2016 by Fred Jinkins


Prince Portrait by Fred Jinkins


Two Artists by Fred Jinkins


Prince Portrait by Fred Jinkins


Garden Maiden by Fred Jinkins


Sam Houston by Fred Jinkins


Elephant Ear Plant by Fred Jinkins


Edward Master Violin by Fred Jinkins


Corner Musician Amsterdam by Fred Jinkins


Mermaid with Glasses by Fred Jinkins


Boy and Fish by Fred Jinkins


Universe by Fred Jinkins


Mermaid and Friends by Fred Jinkins


Dancing Fish by Fred Jinkins


Happy Young Fish by Fred Jinkins


Merry Christmas Tree by Fred Jinkins


Mermaid's Christmas with Friends by Fred Jinkins


Happy Aquanaut Fish by Fred Jinkins


Santa Brings Gifts by Fred Jinkins


Holiday Fish by Fred Jinkins


Happy Senior by Fred Jinkins


Photographer by Fred Jinkins


Happy Artist Fish by Fred Jinkins


Swimming by Fred Jinkins


Happy Fish goes to College by Fred Jinkins


Rockhopper Penguin by Fred Jinkins